Generate easy-to-read and actionable inspection reports on-site with minimal typing.


Review and approve electronically submitted corrections and supporting documentation.


Provide the self-assessment tools businesses need to monitor quality improvement.

Compliance Monitoring Platform

SansWrite™ is a cloud-based compliance monitoring platform, used by health and human services agencies and regulated businesses, to automate the full Compliance Monitoring Cycle. Rather than relying solely on snapshot-in-time inspections and time-consuming reinspections to enforce compliance, SansWrite enables agencies to assess compliance more frequently and accurately, and empowers businesses to submit corrections and conduct self-assessments. This type of public-private partnership is proven more effective at preventing violations, and improving the quality of services provided to our most vulnerable communities.

Compliance Monitoring Cycle
  • On-site Inspections
  • Complaint Investigations
  • Pre-filled Reinspections
  • On-line Corrections
  • Self-assessments
  • Quality Improvement Plans
  • Trend Analysis
  • Management Reporting
  • Government Transparency

Evolving from Inspecting to Monitoring

Inspections are essential for identifying and documenting violations, but they only provide a cross-sectional view of compliance. Compliance monitoring is a three-phased approach designed to assess compliance throughout an entire licensing period, and provides a longitudinal view of compliance. Evolving requires agencies to create more frequent and effective touchpoints, and to provide businesses with tools for planning and implementing corrections, and continuous quality improvements.



An inspection marks the beginning of the cycle and establishes a baseline for measuring improvements. For compliance monitoring to work effectively, each inspector must accurately and consistently document violations.


Submitting corrections and supporting documentation via an on-line portal shifts responsibility to the Licensee. Requiring preventative actions as part of the correction, establishes accountability and sets the stage for the prevention phase.


The key to prevention is understanding the type, scope and frequency of violations, and then creating touchpoints to monitor quality improvement plans. Self-assessments help reinforce ongoing compliance and reduce repeat violations.

Why SansWrite?

With more than 25-years of experience in Health and Human Services, we are trusted advisors for government agencies and regulated businesses throughout the United States and Canada. We routinely assist regulatory agencies with planning and designing licensing systems, but focus mainly on compliance monitoring systems and integrating SansWrite with third-party and existing information systems. The majority of our customers have used SansWrite for 1-5 years, many for 10+ years, and some for over 20-years.

With SansWrite inspectors are more productive, licensees are more compliant, and communities are better informed about the care of loved ones.

90-Day Trial Offer

We know it's difficult to evaluate software, and time consuming to setup inspection forms yourself. That's why we offer a no cost no obligation 90-day trial of SansWrite, which includes the upfront forms automation. Then if you decide to buy, you can add, update and manage your inspection forms yourself.


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